A perfect real estate marketing plan for a new project has to be a mix of Online as well as Offline Marketing. Once a project is announced, a builder takes all necessary steps to ensure there is enough buzz created in the market. However the real challenge is with real estate broker companies to generate quality leads quickly to ensure

  • Get a Microsite – A Microsite can work like a charm, if implemented correctly. As soon as a project is launched in India, there is a race between all major real estate broker companies to quickly book a domain and get their microsite live. First mover advantage is the key here. Don’t bother with a microsite if the project is over a month old, in some cases even if its a week old.
    Logic is simple, if you are able to bring a microsite live during a project’s pre-launch phase, you have an opportunity to build trust and authority with Google, for  that particular project name keyword, and hence rank on first page on Google. Its a well known fact that if you have the keyword or keyphrase, which you want to rank for, in a website Domain Name, then Google will give priority to that Website. Moreover since its a microsite, end users, who are interested in buying, end up giving their contact information, under the notion that its project’s official website or builder website.

While things are not as easy as it sounds. Many builders have become quite aware of such tactics and they now ensure no broker’s Microsite is live before their own microsite. Even if you have made it to first page of Google, it still doesn’t mean you are going to stay there permanently. It requires proper SEO, customer satisfaction and many similar factors to hold on to or increase your position on Google. That’s why, you must take a marketing expert’s help, if you are willing to execute this strategy. Good relationship with the builder and advance information are key factors here.

In my experience, I have observed this strategy, when executed properly can result in good quality of leads at low cost.

  • Google Adwords :- For Real Estate lead generation, Google Adwords or PPC actually works. It not only gives you instant response but also helps you get cost effective quality leads. But before you start your Adwords campaign, you must ensure, you have a strong landing page, with a responsive professional website. Be it a Microsite or Portal, the landing page must contain all important information about the project, brochure etc. While its a well known fact that most important keyword for a paid or organic campaign is ‘Project Name’, which means you and your competitors are likely to be bidding on this keyword, which makes ‘Ad Copy’ an important factor. Your Ad Copy should be intriguing enough for users to click on it.

In our experience, we have also seen remarketing work very well in real estate to get quality leads. Its highly recommended to hire an Adwords expert to get high returns on your Adwords investments.


  • Listing Websites – Listings websites such as 99acres, magicbricks etc, all have significant traffic and they are the easiest way to generate leads in real estate. Almost all of these have different type of package to meet every need. However if you want to create your own identity, your own brand name, these portals may not be very helpful.
  • Create your Identity – Just like in any business, In Real Estate, its important to have your own identity. You DO NOT want to come across as ‘Just Another Broker’ to your potential customers. While a lot can be done to achieve this, basics include having a proper company portal, which showcases all developers you are working with, all available inventory and what value added services you can give to your potential customers. To come across as a strong brand, you need to have a strong social presence as well as effective ORM in place.

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