Claim your business on Google Maps

If you haven’t already, you must claim your Google Listing right away. With Google constantly promoting its ‘Google App’, your potential customers are more than likely to use voice search such as “Where to eat in <City Name>” for instance someone travelling to Agra to see Taj Mahal, is likely to search ‘Where to eat in Agra’ or ‘Where to stay in Agra’.

First few Results for such queries, whether done from Google app or Google Search will contain a knowledge panel along with list of three to five top restaurants in that particular area, mostly sorted based on distance nearby OR sorted according to ratings and reviews, based on mode of search.

Queries such as ‘Restaurants near me’ are also on rise that’s why it’s very important to have a proper address with Pin Code as well as your timings of operations in your listing.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

As explained earlier, to acquire customers online, you must have presence for queries such as where to eat <location>, Best places to eat in <location> or incase of hotels, Best places to stay in <location>, Hotels in <Location>, Budget Hotels in <Location>, where location is the actual city name where your institution is located.

There are multiple ways to achieve this, its highly recommended to have a small website about your hotel or restaurants, highlighting the USP of your premises, along with the Menu and few pictures of ambiance.  Once you have achieved this, you must market your website and have proper SEO in place, best way to do this is hire an expert for entire process. Another way is to ensure your presence on third party websites related to travel  and food, which appear on keywords such as ‘where to eat’ or ‘where to stay’ keywords. Sometimes websites which have a little to do with restaurants would pop-up on first page of the Google, however in some travel related websites such tripadvisor, you can easily get your hotel or restaurant registered, post registration encourage your existing customers to leave a review on this. For some keywords blogs also rank exceptionally well.

Get Social, All the way

Ensure you have solid presence on major social networks such as Facebook, Twitter etc. While having the basic information such as operational hours, menu, incase of hotels – types of rooms, facilities, location advantages etc are must, you must engage customers coming to your premises. Here is the best way to do this:-

Ensure you have your Specials updated on Facebook on daily basis. Later on when your customers try them, ask them, if you can take a picture of them, later on just upload those pics on Facebook. Do tell your customers about your Facebook page, once you upload their picture, most of them will come to your page, to like their pictures. Needless to say, this will you give you much needed exposure, as their friends will see the pictures of your customers and if they leave a good review or comment, it’s a win. And all this at ZERO Cost.

Let me assure you, if you do this properly, It will work.

Small videos, Vines, of your events, special days etc can also work well.

Get your presence on Q&A Websites

Just like third party food and travel websites, its important to have your presence on Q&A websites such Quora, Yahoo Answers etc. Looking for questions related to your niche, and answer them. Incase of questions directly related to your hotel or restaurants, try to include visual elements such as pictures of rooms or restaurant ambiance or anything that will help make the case that your restaurant or hotel is the place to be.

Beware of an Unhappy Customer

One unhappy customer can do a lot of damage in online world, with access to so many review websites, Q&A websites, Social Media reviews etc.  Ideally a conline hotel ratingsustomer should be dealt with on the spot, if one does leaves bad reviews online, you can either bait him or her to come back to your premises and ensure they have a good time. And later on politely ask them to change their review. If you have quite
a few bad reviews, which somehow went unnoticed, we will suggest you to take help of ORM experts i.e Online Reputation Management experts.

Either way you must be monitor your Brand online and you must reply to every review or mention you receive on the web.

Not enough time to do all of the above? Still want to market your hotel or restaurant online ? Just Hire Us, we will do it for you.