Digital marketing is one of the most sought after form of marketing for small and medium businesses. It really is much cheaper than the conventional form of marketing however it must be done with the well thought strategy to get results and a proper ROI.
In this blog,we are going to discuss a case study of a small business and how the easiest of online marketing technique with a proper strategy and little effort gave fruitful results within 3 weeks! Recently an entrepreneur having a HR consulting startup a process for marketing his business online. His Startup was a one man show and he had a website which was about 7 to 8 months old. He also had an SEO agency in place who were working on his website for about 5 months however he was not getting any leads on the website.
During our first meeting this gentleman was very anxious and kept on repeating the words how do I get onto first page of the Google and he did not want to spend much to boost his ranking on Google.
After a little investigation we found that there were a few on page issues on his website moreover the keywords which he was ranking for and wanted to rank for did not have high search volume.

Small tricks can do big wonders
Since this friend of ours did not want to spend March on digital marketing we suggested him a different approach. We created a YouTube channel for him and uploaded some of his training videos to showcase his training sessions to the world. We created a landing page on his website highlighting his work, details of services he provides and his YouTube videos. We rectified all On- Page SEO issues in his website and created some quality links to give this website more visibility online.

Next we created beautiful Mailer(EDM) which was sent to HR professionals across Delhi NCR. This EDM was largely a introduction Mailer introducing the startup and services and asking readers to visit the landing page we had created to know more about the training programs as well as our trailer / consultant. Then a week later another personalized follow up mailer was sent to same individuals pursuing readers to call us incase of any queries.  

Just this simple process resulted in few leads and within a matter of 3 weeks this one man startup managed to acquire two new clients!

Yes, acquiring new customers can be as easy as this especially if you are a small startup. You do not always have to run paid promotions or spend extensively on SEO or Content marketing to generate leads. It largely depends on what audience you are trying to reach out to, and what is the best online marketing form which can help you achieve this. 

Stuck in a similar situation?

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